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Scientific Publications

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Due to copyright reasons we cannot offer all of our publications for direct download, although some have links to where they may be downloaded. If you are interested in obtaining access to any of our publications, however, you are welcome to contact us.

På grund av upphovsrättsliga skäl kan vi inte erbjuda alla våra publikationerna för direkt nedladdning. Vissa har dock länkar till andra som gör det. Kontakta oss om du är intresserad av att få tillgång till någon av publikationerna.




Hentati-Sundberg, J., Olsson, O. (2016) Amateur photographs reveal population history of a colonial seabird. Current Biology, 26: R226–R228.

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Kadin, M., Olsson, O., Hentati-Sundberg, J., Ehrning, E. W., Blenckner, T. (2016), Common Guillemot Uria aalge parents adjust provisioning rates to compensate for low food quality. Ibis, 158: 167–178.

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Cross, A. D. P., Hentati-Sundberg, J., Österblom, H., McGill, R. A. R., Furness, R. W. (2014), Isotopic analysis of island House Martins Delichon urbica indicates marine provenance of nutrients. Ibis, 156: 676–681.

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Evans TJ, Kadin M, Olsson O, Åkesson S (2013) Foraging behaviour of common murres in the Baltic Sea, recorded by simultaneous attachment of GPS and time-depth recorder devices. Mar Ecol Prog Ser 475:277-289

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Kadin, M., Österblom, H., Hentati-Sundberg, J., & Olsson, O. (2011). Contrasting effects of food quality and quantity on a marine top predator. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 444, 239-249.

Hentati-Sundberg, J., Österblom, H., Kadin, M., Jansson, Å. & Olsson, O. (2011). The Karlsö murre lab methodology can stimulate innovative seabird research. Marine Ornithology  40: 11–16

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Cury PM, Boyd IL, Bonhommeau S, Anker-Nilssen T, Crawford RJ, Furness RW, Mills JA, Murphy EJ, Osterblom H, Paleczny M, Piatt JF, Roux JP, Shannon L, Sydeman WJ. (2011). Global seabird response to forage fish depletion–one-third for the birds. Science. 2011 Dec 23;334(6063):1703-6.

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Žydelis, R., Bellebaum, J., Österblom, H., Vetemaa, M., Schirmeister, B., Stipniece, A., Dagys, M., van Eerden, M., Garthe,S. (2009). Bycatch in gillnet fisheries: An overlooked threat to waterbird populations. Biological Conservation 142: 1269-1281.

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Österblom, H., Olsson, O., Blenckner, T. and Furness, R. W. (2008), Junk-food in marine ecosystems. Oikos, 117: 967–977.

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Österblom, H., S.Hans son, U. Larsson, O. Hjerne, F. Wulff, R. Elmgren and C. Folke. 2007. Human-induced Trophic Cascades and Ecological Regime Shifts in the Baltic Sea . Ecosystems 10:877-889.

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Österblom H., Casini M., Olsson O., Bignert A. (2006) Fish, seabirds and trophic cascades in the Baltic Sea. Marine Ecology Progress Series 323: 233-238.

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Lif M., Hjernquist M., Olsson O. and Österblom H. (2005) Long-term population trends in the Lesser Black-backed Gull Larus f. fuscus at Stora Karlsö and Lilla Karlsö, and initial results on breeding success. Ornis Svecica 15: 105-112.


Österblom, H., Van Der Jeugd, H. P. and Olsson, O. (2004), Adult survival and avian cholera in Common Guillemots Uria aalge in the Baltic Sea. Ibis, 146: 531–534.

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Österblom H. & Olsson O. (2002) Changes in feeding behaviour and reproductive success in the Common guillemot Uria aalge on the island of Stora Karlsö.Ornis Svecica 12: 53-62

Österblom H., Fransson T., Olsson O. (2002) Bycatches of Common guillemot (Uria aalge) in theBaltic Seagillnet fishery. Biological Conservation 105: 309-319


Österblom H., Bignert A., Fransson T., Olsson O. (2001) A decrease in fledging body mass in Common guillemot Uria aalge chicks in the Baltic Sea. Marine Ecology Progress Series 224: 305-309

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Olsson, O., Fransson, T. and Larsson, K. (1999), Post-fledging migration of common murres Uria aalge in the Baltic Sea: management implications. Ecography, 22: 233–239.

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2000: Swedish environmental protection agency, Report 5057

Long-term study of mortality in the common guillemot in the Baltic Sea

2000_OO et al_Long-term study of mortality



2006: Henrik Österblom

Complexity and Change in a Simple Food Web – Studies in the Baltic Sea

2006_HÖ_Complexity and Change



2014: Per-Arvid Berglund

Razorbill (Alca torda) breeding success decreases with laying date – potential for complementing sprat (Sprattus sprattus) stock assessments and ecosystem management in the Baltic Sea?

2014: Natalie Isaksson

Marine predator on land: terrestrial foraging of lesser black-backed gulls (Larus fuscus) during the breeding season on Gotland, Sweden

2008: Jonas Sundberg

Causes and consequences of timing of breeding in Common Guillemot, Uria aalge, in the Baltic Sea

2008_JS_Causes and consequenses of timing

2007: Martina Kadin

Post-fledging survival and sexual maturation in Common guillemots Uria aalge – The influence of biological and ecological factors

2007_MK_Post-fledging survival

2007: David Schönberg Alm

Feeding behaviour in two sympatrically living Larus gulls in areas with and without an elevated adult mortality

2007_DSA_Feeding behaviour

2006: Eva Kylberg

The effects of ecosystem changes on the reproductive success and feeding behaviour of the common guillemot, Uria aalge

2006: Emma Capandegui

Factors influencing the breeding success of two ecologically similar gulls the Lasser black-backed gull Larus f. fuscus and Herring gull Larus argentatus at Stora Karlsö

2006_EC_Factors influencing the breeding succes

2003: Elisabeth Eneqvist

Energy intake of common guillemot, Uria aalge, chicks at Stora Karlsö, Sweden – Influence of changes in the Baltic Sea.